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Fall 2023 eNews

Welcome to the Life & Legacy e-newsletter! You are receiving this email because you are part of a monumental movement to sustain and secure the Jewish future. You are a stakeholder, helping to build the Jewish future. We encourage you to forward this email to other members of your community who are interested in fostering a thriving Jewish community.

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Spring 2023 eNews

Welcome to the Spring 2023 edition of our newsletter, our first e-newsletter! In this issue, we'll share an inspiring story of Legacy Giving, discuss exciting Conference information, offer Smart Giving tips for IRA donations, and shine a Staff Spotlight on our exceptional team. Join us on this journey of philanthropy and impact.

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Fall 2022 Issue

Your Jewish community was established by a small group of individuals. Those humble beginnings have led to the vibrant, extensive communal infrastructure you enjoy and value today: places to gather for prayer and to come together in community, social service agencies meeting the needs of the vulnerable, schools and camps educating the next generation, and more. In our complex world, the words of the commentary above ring true.

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Spring 2022 Issue

Your legacy includes treasured memories family and friends carry with them, written and spoken words that convey what matters in your life, and actions that make a difference. LEGACY Matters highlights the impact legacy commitments are having today and will have on future generations. We aim to educate about legacy matters and reinforce to have thriving Jewish LIFE, your LEGACY matters!

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